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Open Practise

Open practice times are available for silks, lyra and pole and students who want to spend extra time perfecting their skills. Please see below for attending open practise.

Open practice times are available to our current students or others with advanced skills to train unsupervised during specific times. The following outline eligibility for training time, attending open practice, and cancellation procedures. If you have any questions, please email us. These rules are to ensure the safety of everyone participating.

This section or page may have taken a bit of a serious tone compared to the rest of our site, but it's for your safety, once we all get that, then comes the fun! 

To purchase and register for Open Practice visit our Mindbody Page.


Attendees must be either current students of Aerial Movement or be an approved attendee by management.

Current students must be currently participating in a term or maintaining skill taught previously by Aerial movement instructors directly to the student, only on apparatus on which they are practising.

If you are not a current student, please email management with the request and we may ask for verification of skill in order to approve. If we are uncomfortable with you training unsupervised, a private evaluation at cost may be required.

We reserve the right to revoke and or decline open studio privileges at any time

Open Pactise Saftey Guidlines 

The following must be complied with at all times during Open Studio times:

  • Students may not provide instruction to other students on the new movement. Helping each other with mutual skills is permitted.

  • If there is a class running respect that you are not in that class and you are not being trained during this time.

  • It is requested that you work on the current movement only. Unsupervised new movement (i.e. from videos off Instagram or Youtube) can result in injury when done improperly. Please only work on what you currently have instruction in.

  • Spotting each other is doing so at your own risk, we recommend you do not spot each other for the safety of both participants, it would be best not to practise the move uninstructed.

  • The instructor/staff member on duty retains the full authority of the open time and all directives must be complied with.

  • Group class rules regarding also apply to open studio times.

  • When taking photos and videos please respect those around you. If you are going to post on social media you need to ask permission of the others in the frame, even if they are just bystanders. Again, not everyone wants to be on the internet.

  • Clean up after yourself. Any studio equipment needs to be put in its proper place, pole cleaned to the height used.

  • Aerial students – DO NOT put up or take down your own equipment without instructor permission. DO NOT use the ladder without instructor permission.

  • These policies are to ensure the safety of everyone involved, a positive studio culture, and to ensure Aerial Movements can continue to provide a quality learning experience. All decisions made by an instructor to call out a student or remove a student from class will be backed by management. These rules are in addition to the general policies listed on our website, group class rules, and your terms of agreement. They are subject to change at any time without notice.

Check your MindBody account to ensure you have enlisted in the Open Practise.

Cancellation policy for sessions scheduled adjacent to a regularly scheduled class – These sessions are kept open for use during another regularly scheduled class time. If the adjacent class is cancelled, the open session may also be cancelled. Check Mindbody and for most up to date times

Studio cancellations. You will be notified via your notification preferences in your MindBody account. Please make sure that you have notifications enabled (email and/or text).

*Competition times are handled as separate events from our regular open practice times. Those times will be treated as a regularly scheduled class and will be held regardless of other events in the studio.

If you have any questions please email management.

Cancellation Policy

8 weeks unlimited

open practise


8 weeks


Open Practise

ONLY $5 per week

Current term students only.

Purchase on

Mindbody . 

CASUAL visit open practise

flexible option

passing through town and looking got to keep

their strength up


feel like practising something you learnt that week in class. 

$25 nonmembers

$10 for members

1 week unlimited open practise

super flexibility

 any time 


Just follow the


so we can all keep having fun an accessing open practice :)



want to book the studio out for your own private practice times, contact us.

Prices start at $50 hr

for off peek times. 

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