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Join the movement

What to expect

A great workout and a lot of fun! Pole classes include spins floor work and aerial tricks, each class you'll learn something new and as your fitness, strength and flexibility increase so does the level of the workout!


We offer Pole 8-week terms, casuals, 10 session passes, privates and workshops. Terms have fantastic progression and you have a guaranteed place each week at the allocated time with our fantastic instructors. Small class sizes of 4 mean you get plenty of one on one time!

Classes starting at the beginner pole levels include the fundamentals and basics of pole and

fitness. Through movement, students will learn to become familiar with their coordination whilst

improving strength and flexibility in a fun and supportive environment. Students do not need any

level of fitness, strength or flexibility to start beginner pole. This level is great for those who are new

to pole, those with no fitness background, and/or those who are still working on the basics.

What should you bring?

Shorts and enthusiasm! The more skin you are comfortable to have out the better, it

helps grip the pole, we just want you to feel confident and comfortable, so if it is your

first time, feel free to wear layers and remove them as you realise how awesome

you are and how friendly and supportive our studio atmosphere is! Feel free to bring

a water bottle, we have water to refill it, plus showers, toilets and coffee! There

is parking out the front and back of the studio yay! 

8 week terms

8 weeks of

one hour

instructor lead session

from $260-350 

with inclusions of

unlimited open practice

& stretch classes

flawless progression

small class sizes


flexible option

just $35 each time

you attend

join in a term for

a one hour

instructor lead session

book as spaces are limited  matches your class to your level of your ability


10 session pass

super flexibility

 any time  

multiple  apparatus 

$339 that’s only

$33 a class cheaper

than a one-off casual. Passes expire three months after

purchase dates



one on one

class  focused on

your individual needs


private lesson

or weekly

1 hour privates $70  

$40 for 30 minutes  or 

2 people 1 hour  $40 each

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